splat ball: get yourself one!

January 30, 2014

Yes, splat balls are fun, but if you film them in slow motion they are AWESOME!

When a regular ball is dropped the majority of its motion energy  transfers into the “springy-ness” of the ball and then transfers back into motion energy after the bounce.  A ball filled with watery stuff is different.  When it hits the ground it splats.  That is why it’s called a splat ball:)  This episode looks at where the energy goes and how much of it goes there.

Episode 5: the splat ball


Our green splat ball didn’t last too long.  Maybe none of them do, but they are fun for a while.  You can probably find them at a dollar store, I’ve never looked.  Here are some cool looking ones from Amazon if you are interested:



Here is another slow motion video from You Tube that captures the motion nicely.

So, get yourself a splat ball and have some fun!

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