Stay Curious with some great Science Lessons.

I wondered for a long time how to deliver science lessons that taught content.   I wanted to try to capture the excitement of a good science lesson without it coming across as a lecture.  I also wanted to put in exciting demos and activities that help students construct mental models of basic physics ideas.  Well, I found a good solution.  I partnered with a website called that allows people who are passionate about their subject to create short video lessons that teach others how to do pretty much anything.  Their lessons cover hundreds of subjects from game theory to foreign language to playing the ukulele.  They are similar to videos on You Tube, but have the added advantage of having quizzes and feedback embedded right into the lessons.  Students can also ask questions and interact with the instructor.  Curious now has over 25,000 lessons to choose from and they can even help you figure out what your interests are as you get started.

I recently completed a 12 lesson course called “How Energy Works”.  It starts at a very basic level with “What is Energy” and moves up through work, kinetic and potential energy, and power.  It includes interesting demos (like the bowling ball swing) and some cool experiments (like determining the bounciest sports ball and figuring out how much air resistance slows down the dart from a Nerf gun).   It even has a few DIY projects (like making a popper out of a racquetball).  The lessons don’t take much time (around 10 min each) and use easy-to-understand language with a focus on the basic concepts.

You should give it a try.  Click here and receive a 20% discount off unlimited learning at curious.  You can watch my course on energy and then choose from hundreds of other topics to learn about.  Start off with a free trial and see if you like it (you could even watch my whole course during the trial week if you wanted!).

So, whether you are a parent looking to enrich your child’s education or someone that would love to find time to recapture the satisfaction and awesomeness of learning something new,  you should definitely check out  It is a great website to promote life-long learning in this busy digital world.


Curious homepage for science lessons--and other lessons too;)