Don't have access to a science camp?  Here is a way to stream science camp right into your own living room.  I provide the demos and instructions and you just need to supply the enthusiastic campers and some basic supplies!

Each day of our science camp has three basic parts: demos that teach concepts, an experiment, and a project to build.  The videos for each day are anywhere from 25-40 min long.  Most of that time is instruction centered around the day's topic but each video also includes directions on how to do the experiment and walks you through how to construct the project.  The complete camp is designed to provide ten hours of science.  You only need to purchase 1 camp and can use it for the whole family!  You can even invite over your children's friends to participate in the camp as well.

Some of the days of camp include activities.  Almost all the activities, experiments and projects need supplies.  You will need to provide these for your campers.  Here is a list that shows what is needed each day: Full Camp supply sheet


A quick tour of what science camp videos are like:

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