Hey…thanks for stopping by.  I really appreciate it.  My name is Chris Stoker and I’m a physics teacher.  I’ve taught physics and math for the last 14+ years and I love it.  I’m the advisor of the physics club at a local high school where we have performed hundreds of physics demo shows over the last 12 years to elementary and middle-school aged kids.  I also  run a fun summer science camp for kids.

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I decided to try to take the things I’ve learned about teaching kids science and translate that into a digital setting.  Thus, Stoked About Science was born.  I really believe that kids get excited about science when they see cool demos, get to do real science themselves and then get to build awesome projects that involve those principles.   My hope is that more kids can be exposed to doing science, rather than just learning about science.  I really believe that young people can do the work of scientists in a way that is accessible to them.  It just needs to be framed in a way they understand.  And finally, I’d love it if some of the ideas I’ve learned and that I write about can contribute to the ongoing conversation about educational reform in the United States.